The Importance of Web Video


Video is becoming increasingly important when it comes to website promotion. Video works so well on a number of different levels.

  •      It can offer your visitors an enhanced visual experience of your website.
  •      It can add to the branding of your business.
  •      It can give your potential customers the extra “boost” when it comes to conversion.
  •      A web video can be “plugged-in” to a distribution channel to take advantage of all the various video sharing sites.
  •      It can add authority to your site.
  •      Video can offer your internet visitors and customers a point of reference and online guidance to your various products and services.
  •      Video can be used to attract the search engines, increase your position in the SERPS, and thus give you a fantastic avenue to increased traffic.

And speaking about the Search Engines, I’m sure you are aware that Google owns YouTube… Do you think this might be an indication about how important video is to Google?

In fact YouTube itself, as a stand-alone search engine, is the second biggest search engine on the internet, second only to Google.

And how much does video resonate throughout the community of internet users? Well, every minute over 72 hrs of video is added to YouTube.

The challenge for businesses who do have a web presence is not to get them to recognise the importance of web video (because most inherently do have this understanding), but how do they produce these videos, how do they add them to their website, and how do they distribute them effectively throughout the various we video sharing sites.

And what’s more, how are these videos made to be strategically relevant to the search engines, compelling to website visitors, properly optimised for loading and streaming speed, and formatted to browser friendly formats?

These are all issues and questions that we can assist you with, offer guidance for, or offer to you our experience, expertise, and relevant tools to perform these very important tasks on your behalf.

But most importantly this site will give you relevant information about online video trends, tools for web video production, strategies for adding meta data to your videos, references for tools and
services for adding and distributing your video to the important video sharing sites, and references as to how you can become a fantastic (or at least competent) web video producer.